Mon, 23.03.2015

Combining strengths: Scheer Management GmbH and IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH merge to become Scheer GmbH

Saarbrücken, 13.03.2015 - On the 6th March 2015, as part of the strategic re-orientation of companies belonging to the Scheer Group, a resolution was agreed to merge Scheer Management GmbH and IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH into a new company, Scheer GmbH. This will create a powerful and agile German IT company with 500 employees and a planned turnover in 2015 of around 70m Euros.

The merger is expected to be completed by the end of April. The business divisions and activities of IDS Scheer GmbH and Scheer Management GmbH will be brought together in Scheer GmbH. At the same time, the activities of the respective regional subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Turkey will be closely integrated into the new business. This will create a powerful and agile German IT company with 500 employees and a planned turnover in 2015 of around 70m Euros.

Professor Dr. August Wilhelm Scheer, who as company founder will also be the Chairman of the Advisory Board, explains „Scheer GmbH clients receive overarching support ranging from the development of new business models, business process optimisation and its implementation, right up to operation. This is achieved with consulting services around the ARIS product, deep knowledge of our industry, and the newly developed software architecture BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) as well as high levels of competency in SAP and Managed Services in our own data centre. These provide the basis for innovative topics such as Industry 4.0, E-commerce, E-procurement and Cloud Solutions.“

Together, companies comprising the Scheer Group, of which Scheer GmbH is the largest, employ a total of 800 people: our ambition is to achieve an annual turnover of 100m Euros.


Mon, 09.02.2015

CeBIT 2015 - Scheer Group companies present responsive solutions for the digital transformation of companies

Saarbrücken, 03.02.2015 - Under the headline „Digitize Your Business!“  Scheer Group companies are presenting their wide ranging scope of business services for the digital transformation of business models and processes in companies. The „big change” for companies lies in the dramatic increase in the speed of reaction to changes in markets and individual customer demands over and above the entire value chain for the business. With SAP, ARIS, Scheer BPaaS and the IMC Learning Management Suite, Scheer Group companies support customers in all stages of their decision making processes from the development of strategy through process design to implementation. The main focus of its presence at CeBIT 2015 are Responsive Business Solutions for Industry 4.0, E-Commerce, E-Procurement und Compliance.

Today’s digital transformation touches all areas of private and business life, and at an ever increasing speed. The worldwide accumulation of data is doubling every two years due to the interconnectedness of products, services, customers and suppliers. This is leading to the far reaching transformation of all service oriented business processes. What is needed is high „responsivity“: quick response times and speed of adaption to changes in market conditions and individual customer demands going beyond the entire business value chain.
Company founder Prof Dr August-Wilhelm Scheer says “„Digital transformation” is a process that companies must actively design and pursue with responsive business models that enhance their position in the digital economy and ensure they remain competitive. The Scheer Group company network, with its 800 employees, accompanies this process from the design of strategy, over implementation to operation with resources from a single source“.         
Companies in the Scheer Group are presenting responsive business models and processes for Industry 4.0 at CeBIT, in the areas of predictive analytics, augmented reality and cyber-physical production.   
The increasing share of costs represented by materials over the entire value chain and beyond makes the management and optimisation of purchasing processes a factor critical to success in companies. The aim must be close cooperation between consumers, purchasing management and suppliers.  Scheer E-Procurement offers cloud based services covering the areas of operative procurement from the origination of the need, authorisation and ordering to the delivery of the product. In addition to their high adaptability, Scheer E-Procurement solutions are notable for their seamless integration with differing supplier catalogues and systems such as SAP SRM.               
The digital transformation is creating ever new methods and procedures with which employees, customers and partners must become familiar. The effort required to train staff, and the safeguarded control of regular training sessions represent a particular challenge in sectors with rigorous compliance requirements such as the financial, chemicals and pharmaceuticals or healthcare sectors. Companies are increasingly obligated to train their employees in subjects such as IT security, Data security, anti-corruption measures and much more. With IMC compliance and E-Learning solutions based in the cloud, solutions which enable adherence to compliance guidelines and the gaining of qualifications for new methods and procedures are available directly at the workplace, whether mobile, office based or on the machine floor. Learning measures and progress through them are automatically documented and if necessary certified.   
E-commerce systems such as SAP Hybris are developing into central platforms for the digital transformation of trade and consumer goods industries.  Belonging to this is the linking of all sales channels and the use of different devices, including mobile ones in the same buying experience. Data exchange in real time and the cost effective use of the available data volumes are becoming factors critical to success. With Scheer E-Commerce a pre-configured cloud based integration solution is being presented which, using best practice templates, can be quickly and flexibly deployed. The solution comprises the integration of all systems relevant to E-Commerce such as PIM, CRM, ERP, social media, payment and logistics systems. 

Mon, 02.02.2015

Protective Shield Proceedings (ESUG) for IDS Scheer consulting GmbH successfully completed after agreement secured at the creditors‘ meeting

Saarbrücken, 28.01.2015 - After the creditors‘ meeting has approved the IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH re-structuring plan with an overwhelming majority, all payments agreed upon can be made by the company and the proceedings can be brought to a conclusion. The process was conducted using Protectve Shield Proceedings (ESUG Law to further facilitate the re-structuring of companies). As a result, Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer has announced that in the coming weeks the strategic orientation of Scheer Management GmbH, IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH and E2E Technologies Ltd, together with international group companies in Austria, The Netherlands and Turkey will be more strongly aligned with each other. The result will be the creation of the largest IT business network with 800 employees and an annual turnover of 100 million Euros.

The business network will be better able to support customers in various sectors with the implementation of the digital transformation. The digitisation will lead, for example, with the Industry 4.0 concept to the greater individualisation of products, to the enhancement of many products with new services and to customer access via all channels of communication. The business network’s service offerings will henceforth be oriented around this new customer situation. The commercial value chain will be extended starting from strategic consultancy and the optimisation of business processes with the ARIS and BPaaS products and combining them with IT implementations and the applications then managed in the company’s own data centre. Customers will thus be offered integrated support with the development of new business models and their implementations.  

This quantitative and qualitative leap forward was made possible not least by the acquisition from Software AG of IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH last year.

Professor Scheer added „The new orientation and close alignment of the companies show that in digitisation we see not only disruptive strategic change for our customers but also the need for us to respond organisationally to it with absolute focus. We intend to continue on this path with full power in 2015!”

Tue, 01.07.2014


Darmstadt/Saarbrucken, Germany, July 1, 2014 - Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) and IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH, a company of Scheer Group, today entered a strategic partnership to be based on the ARIS process optimization solution.

In close cooperation, Software AG and IDS Scheer Consulting will intensify their consulting services for the ARIS product family. In this context, the Scheer Group will also sell licenses for Software AG in its role as a distribution partner. Its geographical focus will be the Scheer Group’s core markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and neighboring countries.In the future, the Scheer Group will additionally also provide...

Mon, 23.09.2013

Analysis: IDS Scheer Consulting is the best partner for process-driven SAP® solutions worldwide!

 „IDS Scheer Consulting is the best partner for process-driven SAP® solutions worldwide,“ says Dr. Thomas Mendel, Senior Vice President, Global IT Services at HfS Research.

This is the result of the HfS competitive analysis of SAP services providers. The goal of the analysis was to identify and evaluate the best services providers worldwide. It is based on data from a survey of 500 companies, publicly available information and on data provided by the service providers themselves.

Do you need more information? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Fri, 09.08.2013

Press Release: Software AG & Bristlecone Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Process-Driven SAP Solutions

Darmstadt, Germany & Mountain View, California, March xx, 2013 – Software AG and Bristlecone today announced a comprehensive long term partnership to jointly deliver SAP solutions to enterprises in Europe. The partnership combines Software AG’s process-driven SAP management approach with Bristlecone’s broad SAP expertise, supply chain domain knowledge and global delivery model. The partnership will significantly increase the project resources available to customers through a very cost effective business model. It will also enable Software AG to address larger customer projects simultaneously reducing delivery times.


Thu, 01.08.2013

Software AG Launches REAL-TIME ANALYTICS PLATFORM for Intelligent Business Operations and Announces Acquisition of Jackbe Corporation

Software AG (TecDAX: SOW AG) today announced the launch of its new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO) and the acquisition of JackBe Corporation. JackBe is a privately-held company with headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland (USA) and a provider of real-time visual analytics and intelligence software. Real-time visualization and analytics are increasingly important in managing the technology megatrend of large data volumes. Providing rapid deployment and a mashup of different data sources, JackBe will serve as the foundation for Software AG’s new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform. The platform will provide customers with an integrated, real-time awareness of dynamic operations and processes via easy-to-use visualizations. The resulting improved response times and increased quality of business decisions will support decision-makers in achieving better business outcomes. More...

Thu, 01.08.2013

Software AG Named Big Data Leader 2013

Darmstadt, Germany, August 27, 2013 – The Experton Group, a leading analyst and consulting firm in Germany, has named Software AG “Big Data Leader 2013” in its recent Big Data Vendor Benchmark*. Software AG, a “strategic pacesetter” has thus successfully positioned itself in the big data market with its Terracotta in-memory and big data analytics solutions. An attractive product and service offering and a strong market and competitive position were prerequisites for achieving “leader” status. More...

Thu, 01.08.2013

Software AG sells its SAP-Service Operations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia to itelligence

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today announced that an agreement with itelligence has been reached, effective as of August 31st 2013, concerning the sale of its SAP-service operations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality with regard to the purchase price. Software AG will continue with its announced strategy and focus the business on process-optimization for SAP applications in the German speaking countries.

itelligence is a leading full-service provider of IT solutions for the SAP market with approximately 2,800 employees in 22 countries. Its headquarters are in Bielefeld, Germany.